Camera Ready Makeup Workshop – coming to a town near you

Camera Ready Makeup Workshop taught on location in Naples, Italy, @PennySadler 2012

Learn about the  techniques and products used to glam the famous faces of actors and models like Penelope Cruz and Brooke Shields. This fun and informative workshop will include tips on erasing the shadows under your eyes, scultping cheeks bones, a la Heidi Klum and how to disguise redness and blemishes. This is information you can use any time with any product line and it’s forever,,,just like the photographs your friends are always posting on Facebook….
Perfect for a small group and can be customized to suite your setting. You can bring your own makeup or simply be part of the audience and watch a live demonstration of technique. To book a workshop call or email. 214.797.9600

The back story is,  I had been developing the idea of this workshop for years and friends living in Italy encouraged me to teach it there…so, I did! There’s a blog post about the class as well. It just seemed fitting since I get so much passion and creative energy from my travels in Italy to launch the class there. The photo was taken during the class on October 9, 2010.


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