One Day Last May In Orvieto

I spent a leisurely day strolling through this charming hill town in Umbria. Orvieto is an easy train ride from Rome and makes a great day trip.
Walking down the main street, Via Cavour, I came to a place where the street either continued straight on or you could walk downhill. In the middle of this converging of streets, sat this odd shaped building with a small, beautiful, balcony. If you looked to the left there was the Umbrian countryside. It was as if suddenly a window to the outside was open, and all this light and color came pouring in.  Those two things, the location and the sudden change in perspective got my attention.

Still, I it was really those red geraniums that completed the picture and my eyes focused there. I was completely enchanted. I began to imagine ways that I could stay, and live in Orvieto. Perhaps I could give haircuts and makeup lessons on the balcony, while offering my customers a refreshment? Or I could serve cappuccino and cornettos with a palm reading? Why not? Orvieto seemed like the perfect place, close enough to Rome that I could take the train in when I needed more excitement in my life, but quiet and stress free otherwise. I could sit on my balcony with a prosecco and let my mind roam the beautiful rolling hills of Umbria. What do you see happening there?

That balcony not the one for you? What about this stairway? Do you think it leads to a beautiful interior? It sure looks like it from the outside. Orvieto was full of these quaint and colorful side streets, stairways, balcony, courtyards. These things draw me in and make me want to explore, to see more.


2 thoughts on “One Day Last May In Orvieto

  1. Penny….don’t I know this balcony really well. My friend and I stopped by the bakery across the road just today and got pizza a taglio and sat in the sun to have lunch. I am here for 2 more months (tomorrow is my one month anniversary of arrival) before leaving again….I don’t want to go: Reason #589 – that balcony. Thanks. Enjoying your blog. Great job. toni

    • Ciao Toni thank you! I’m soooo curious about this building. I spent only day exploring Orvieto and honestly one of the first things that I noticed were all the terraces and balconies. Let me know if you think my idea will fly!
      I’ll be right there!

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