Jefferson, Texas

I  just had to write this. It’s a little embarrassing, but hopefully you, the reader, will find it helpful. I’m a new photographer and I still make a lot of mistakes. Today was a whopper and one I won’t soon forget.

I was driving home from a business trip and took a detour to a town called Jefferson.

Big Cypress Bayou in Jefferson, Texas

Big Cypress Bayou in Jefferson, Texas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’d heard a lot about Jefferson, an east Texas town near the border of Louisiana. The topography is much more like Louisiana than Texas, swamps filled with cypress trees – dripping spanish moss.

 Cotton and other goods were shipped from Jefferson via the Mississippi River, via the Red River. Before the Civil War, Jefferson was a major inland port and hub, for culture and refinement in the area. The old historic area is composed of buildings from the 1800’s,  many reported to be haunted.

So here I am in this quaint little town loaded with history, culture, and interesting architecture: it’s early morning and not many people are on the streets – all the trees and flowers are blooming and, I don’t have a camera. Actually I do, but the battery is dead and it’s Sunday and, it’s Jefferson, Texas: population about 2,000. There’s no chance of finding a battery on an early Sunday morning for a five years old, Olympus point and shoot. I didn’t take my DSLR because the trip was business – just a quick overnight trip. I didn’t think I’d need it. Stupid.

Jefferson Historic District

Jefferson Historic District (Photo credit: Wikipedi

Here’s your takeaway: whether travel photography is your hobby or your passion, always have an extra battery and a couple of memory cards. And don’t forget your camera. You never know when the travel bug is going to bite. Since I’m not your mother, maybe you will listen?


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