Rome Literary Inspiration

Ciao a tutti! I have so much to tell you. I’ve been in Europe for the past couple of weeks and what a beautiful adventure it was. So many wonderful people and places to write about. And of course photos. It will take some time to organize and sort them all. Until then I wanted to post this photo in honor of the people and places that inspire us to travel, to write, to create.

Many of you will probably recognize this as the grave of poet John Keats located in the Cimitero Acattolico di Roma, also known as the Protestant Cemetary in Rome. Besides Keats and Shelley’s tomb,  there are  many other notable though perhaps not as well known, poets, artists, writers, painters, actors and philosophers of their day. Regarded as one of the most beautiful spaces in Rome with lush foliage and ancient cypress trees, it is a lovely spot to take a picnic on a hot summer day or, any day really. The woman who owns the apartment where I stay, when in Rome, recommended this as a must see place.  She also told me how to find the site of her parents who are buried there, quite close to the tomb of Shelley. She asked me if I had found it,  I said, “Yes. You’re parents have a nice place there.” It didn’t come out exactly the way I meant to say it but, she seemed happy that I had paid them a visit.

I really love cemeteries and have discovered that many others do as well. Green and quiet with abundant flowers and beautiful memorial stones,,,what’s not to like? This one has become one of my favorites along with Highgate Cemetery in London. I spent my time there taking photos and trying to find new ways to see what millions before me have seen. I don’t need a famous person to draw me to a cemetery as I find them interesting enough regardless. Therefore I did not take one single photo of the well known Angel Of Grief, the resting place of sculptor William Wetmore Story and his wife, instead focusing on “seeing” in new ways with my camera. I may regret it later but I can always go back.

Where is your favorite cemetery? Do you have one?


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