Inside (Lucca) – Weekly photo challenge

This weeks photo challenge took me to Lucca, Italy. When you arrive at the stazione in Lucca, you can never guess the beauty  that awaits you inside the walls of this medieval city. I posted a few photos to try to convey the atmosphere of the city but really these don’t begin to do it justice. I thought it was a good fit for this weeks photo theme, inside. What do you think?

@PennySadler 2013

@PennySadler 2013

@PennySadler 2013

@PennySadler 2013

Piazza San Michele

All of these photos were taken around Piazza San Michele, originally the sight of a Roman Forum. Lucca dates back to the Etruscans. Wiki has a pretty good page on Lucca with some nice photos of outer walls and the park. Unfortunately I arrived there late and did not have time for a leisurely stroll along the walls. There is also if you want to learn more about Lucca or are planning a trip there. The walls are actually a very interesting feature of the city. There’s a large park and you will see many people just walking, jogging, picnicking and bicycling around the city walls.

All materials ©pennysadler 2012


9 thoughts on “Inside (Lucca) – Weekly photo challenge

  1. I’ve always loved the narrow, winding streets, paths, stairs, that separate the buildings in European cities – Italy, England and others. Beautiful… And the churches amazing facades…

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