Italian For Beginners

I loved this movie. Came across this post while checking my reader this morning. If only I had more time to spend on the internet,,,theres’s so much great stuff out there. Anyway, I digress. If you love Italy, or want to learn to speak Italian, ( I Do!) watch this movie.
And check out the website for the language/cooking school, Cork Italian Language and Cooking School. It’s run by two hot Italian men, (had to say it.) If I was in Cork, I’d be taking lessons from Fabio and Claudio. Seriously, the school looks really interesting and from the look of the website they have a sense of humor. I like the combination of cooking and learning a language, after all food and language are two of the most important elements of any culture. Besides, anyone who likes Italian for Beginners is ok with me.

Cork Italian School's Blog

There is a movie that every motivated student should consider watching.

It’s a Danish independent production that is talking about the personal changes happening when an italian course for beginners is making the characters aware of a new dimension in life.

The handheld, shaky camera adds a sense of intimacy, as if the viewer is following these characters around. Each character is so unpretentious, so ordinary and charming. None of the tricks of Hollywood movies is used here and you will feel it.

This is the story of  how really feels talking in italian and what the culture of love and passion can change for good lives.

Don’t give up at the beginning when you see that there is little or no italian involved and the style of the movie is pretty direct and the circumstance seems so depressing…of course there is no italian yet to transform and ignite their…

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8 thoughts on “Italian For Beginners

  1. Grazie! your comment about us are fabulous and glamourous! any chance you will tour in Ireland?
    You know a foreign lady that speaks and dress italian is such an irresistible person (in our opinion)! so what part of Italy are you more connected to?

    • I don’t think I’ve seen that one? But now I must! I haven’t been to Positano in a long time. I’m overdue! I agree it’s a beautiful spot.

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