Where Are You? December 2012

Where Are You? ©copyright Penny Sadler 2012

It’s time for another Where Are You? These posts are always fun for me and at the same time a little bit difficult.  I want it to be interesting and challenging for you, the reader, but, not too difficult or, too obvious. I want you to pause for a moment or two at least, before you leave the page for the next post or blog. I mean that’s why we blog right? Because we want readers. Or if your blog is more visual, then you want viewers.

Often I have a photograph I’d like to use for this, but don’t, because I think it’s too obscure, it looks like it could be anywhere. Or on the other hand, could be too obvious, like a photograph of the Colosseum in Rome.

If you’ve been following my blog lately this one should be pretty easy to guess. It’s one of a series of photographs I did as a study of the light falling across the ground, in the late afternoon. I also liked the way the color of the foliage is highlighted by the white of the building.  Another hint, it’s one of my favorite places, second to Rome.


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