Postcard – Downtown Los Angeles

Main St. downtown, Los Angeles, CA. ©pennysadler 2012- 2013

Downtown Los Angeles, California

If you are in Los Angeles, don’t miss the historic downtown area. It’s a wonderful mix of modern and historic buildings dating from the 1800’s to present day. I like this photograph for the color and variety of textures and architecture. The streetlamp you see in the left side of the photograph is a style from the early 1900’s and were placed throughout the neighborhood in the 1920’s. I think they add a lot of charm and character. This photograph was taken on Main Street, across from the Cathedral of St. Vibiana another historic landmark of downtown Los Angeles.

For more information such as walking tours and events in historical Los Angeles, I like this website:

All materials copyright Penny Sadler 2012 – 2013.


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