What Goes in My Carry-on

As a professional makeup artist and a wannabe frequent flier, I’m often asked what are my “go to” beauty products for travel.  I’ve written a number of guest posts on this topic as well as a more in depth story last summer on organizing your wardrobe to fit into one carry-on.

In this news segment for CW33, I put together a variety of products (including a few unisex items) that I like to keep in my carry-on bag. I carry most of these things with me whether I’m on a three hour flight to Los Angeles, or a twelve hour flight to Italy.

If you’re interested in why I think looking great while traveling is important read, Can Your Clothes Make the Journey? 


Adventures of a Carry-on Gets a Makeover

I thought I should let you all know that I’ve decided it’s time for a makeover. I’m a professional makeup artist after all, and it was only a matter of time. It’s what I do.


I’ll be moving to self hosting and adding all kinds of cool graphics, plug-ins and more. I intend to make it not only visually more appealing, but easier to navigate, share and enjoy.

In the meantime, along with my real job, getting people camera ready, I’ll continue to post and maintain the blog here. Thanks for being part of my community.

Many thanks to my model Rhonda for being my “before” and “after” face.