What Goes in My Carry-on

As a professional makeup artist and a wannabe frequent flier, I’m often asked what are my “go to” beauty products for travel.  I’ve written a number of guest posts on this topic as well as a more in depth story last summer on organizing your wardrobe to fit into one carry-on.

In this news segment for CW33, I put together a variety of products (including a few unisex items) that I like to keep in my carry-on bag. I carry most of these things with me whether I’m on a three hour flight to Los Angeles, or a twelve hour flight to Italy.

If you’re interested in why I think looking great while traveling is important read, Can Your Clothes Make the Journey? 


How To Pack Carry-on Style for a Backpacking Trip

by Alexandra Jimenez

Earlier this year I wrote a post on how to travel with one carry-on. By carry-on, I am referring to a rolling bag, not a backpack, which could also be carried on. I’m a “carry-on” kind of girl. However, realizing that not everyone is, I am pleased to post this article written by Alexandra Jimenez of the blog, Travel Fashion Girl.

As a long term backpacker, I didn’t think it was possible to travel for extended periods of time using a carry-on size bag. However, due to airline restrictions, weight, and comfort, I decided I was ready for a challenge. The result: I absolutely love my new compact travel style!

I found that because I wanted to downsize my backpack, my packing had to be more strategic. To maximize the space within your bag, here are a few tips that will help you keep organized and pack light.

Choose Appropriate Clothing

Many times travelers are stumped when traveling to varying climates. It’s hard to pack efficiently when your travels take you from the snow, then to the beach. If your destinations are drastically different in weather, pack for the first season upon departure and then switch out clothing when you arrive at the region with different weather. You can usually buy anything you need locally, including bathing suits or winter jackets. When transitioning between weather systems you can layer (or unlayer) your clothing as needed.

Packing tip: if you’re going to a hot climate first and then a cold climate, leave space in your backpack for additional warm clothing you may need to buy.

Plan Outfits in Advance

Minimalist packing requires extra planning including laying out your travel outfits in advance. When you challenge yourself to pack fewer items you’ll find that as long as you pack the right things, you won’t miss unnecessary clutter. By sticking to quality fabrics in basic, classic cuts; you can easily maintain a stylish and even sophisticated look by investing in key pieces.

If you pack ultra-light and take only a handful of items, they need to work well together and share the same color palette. If you pack ten clothing pieces (which is a good average for many backpackers) mix and match at home to see what works and what doesn’t.

By reviewing your clothing choices prior to departure, you’ll avoid packing things you can’t use and you’ll also realize how little you really need to make a variety of creative travel outfits.

Organizational Tools

Just as with suitcases there are methods and tools that help simplify your life living out of a backpack. One of the most essential items is the backpack itself. Most carry on size backpacks can range between 35L and 50L. Avoid top loader bags and select a backpack that unzips fully open – like a suitcase. The open space allows you to choose the best “Tetris” strategy to pack your belongings.

Make the most of your space with packing cubes and organizers. Depending on the shape, size, and weight of your clothes you may prefer clothing sleeves or stuff sacks instead of packing cubes.

Whether you travel for the weekend in a suitcase or a round the world trip with a backpack, with a little bit of effort, traveling carry on is easier than you think!

Author Bio
Originally from Los Angeles, Alex has been traveling around the world since 2008. Thirty-six countries and six continents later, she’s travelled as a tourist, a backpacker, and a vagabond. Learn how to travel stylishly and practically on her website Travel Fashion Girl. Twitter: @TravlFashnGirl

Osprey Backpack 1 - Travel Fashion Girl

Postcard from Too Italy

Alessia, Giovanna, Carola

It was a week of fashion shows, cocktail receptions, and making new friends. All things Italian stimulated my senses, from the wonderful wines, to the visual and tactile delights of designer clothing and jewelry – and listening to Italian being spoken all around me.

No, I was not attending the fashion shows in Milan or Rome. It was Italian Fashion Week in Dallas, Texas – and what a wonderful week it was! Over forty Italian designers showcased their clothing, jewelry and accessories at the Dallas Market Center.

I met people from all over Italy: Milan, Vincenza, Venice, and Sicily. The three young women from Too Italy, a boutique in (where else) Rome, were friendly and easy to talk to, and I hit it off with them right away. I look forward to visiting them and their store the next time I’m in Rome.

Who is Too Italy? Carola, Giovanna, and Alessia. What do they sell? Bags and accessories, crafted using materials that are recycled, reused and unique – and all hand made in their workshop and storefront near the Colosseum. I’ve included a few photographs I took at their space in the Dallas Market Center last weekend.

Too Italy

Please say hello to them if you are visiting in Rome.

Too Italy
via frangipane 20 Rione Monti

this photo courtesy of QC photography Dallas Tx.

photo courtesy of QC, Dallas, Tx.

All materials copyright Penny Sadler 2012

Postcard: Chinese Lanterns

You enter through a traditional Chinese red gate. Hanging overhead are hundreds of round, Chinese paper lanterns. Follow a trail through a peach tree orchard, and you see Pandas playing in a bamboo forest. As you continue down the path you feel as though you’ve entered another world. A world that is oceans away from Dallas, Texas.

The Chinese Lantern Festival is not at all what you expect. These lanterns are works of art, constructed of fabric and stretched over metal frames and lit from within. By day, they are colorful and playful characters from storybooks, and Chinese myths and legends. By night, they are spectacular sculptures lighting up the sky in a dramatic display of color and light.

These photographs were taken at The State Fair of Texas, October 2012.

An ancient Chinese tradition associated with many myths and legends, Chinese lantern festivals occur on the fifteenth day, of the first lunar month, of the new year. It is also called Yuan Xiao Festival after the filled rice balls that are a typical food, eaten at this time. There are games, dancing, and lantern puzzles to solve. In China, Chinese Lanterns Festival, celebrates harmony, family, and the Chinese New Year.

Tianlu – mythological winged lion

All materials copyright Penny Sadler 2012.

Travel and Self Exploration

I don’t always photograph people but when someone really gets my attention, like this young girl did, I just have to snap them. She obviously knows what she likes and she’s fearless. When I saw the purple striped socks I immediately thought of this weeks photo challenge, purple. She was too original and wonderful not to share with you.

Street photography has always interested me the most. I don’t really have to travel for that, but I find that when I’m away from home I’m more relaxed, and I’m more likely to approach people and start a conversation, or ask if it’s ok to take a photograph. Even my friends have commented, “It sounds like you are a completely different person when you are traveling.” I gave that some thought and realized, I really am.

I strive to be that person every day regardless of where I am. When I’m traveling it just happens – it’s easy and effortless. I don’t have to think about it. It’s like the part of me represented by this young girl, wearing a wild combination of colors and patterns, comes out to play. Synchronicities become a part of daily life rather than passing by unnoticed. Life becomes more about experiencing and enjoying moments, rather than planning for the future.

I practice being this person when I’m at home, and celebrate my small successes. I just need it to happen more often.

I’m not sure why, but this is how it is for me. What about you? Do you feel more at home on the road? Do you enjoy meeting new people on the road? What is travel for you? Love to hear your comments, thoughts, ideas…

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

This was taken in Rome, outside the Capitoline Museum. There was a huge wedding party and Italian style was evident everywhere.

I wasn’t the only person taking photographs of this Italian guy and his lavender suede shoes. He was happily chatting away on his cell phone while every woman in the vicinity admired his soles. It would have been perfect for my Cell Phones Italian Style post, but it was even more perfect for this. Hope you enjoy it.

Summer Travel One Carry-on

In last weeks post, Summer Travel Style, I showed you four different looks that travel light and will easily fit in your carry-on bag. The first look was very layered with khaki pants and jacket, over a white tank and sweater, all accessorized with a colorful scarf and  hat. Layering is perfect for days spent in transit. You can remove pieces as needed and they are lightweight enough to simply go into your hand bag. Here’s another look at that first outfit.

What you can’t see in the first photograph, is the cute ivory sweater under the jacket. I always carry a similar sweater with me no matter where I go. It’s perfect over a tank top or strapless dress when you need a bit more coverage, and practical when you go from a warm outdoor location, to indoor air-conditioning. Even if you are going to the beach, take it with you. I frequently travel to California where the evenings can be quite chilly. If you’re near the coast or in the mountains, the temperature can drop 10 degrees or more in the evening. Honestly, I wear this sweater more than anything else in my wardrobe, traveling or not.

So there you have it for this week all in one carry-on. More travel style to follow.
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