Parisian Posters @DMA

Just saw this exhibit today and I loved it. It’s an extensive collection and it took about an hour and half to two hours to see it. In the end, I liked it so much I went back through each room and picked a favorite poster.
It’s well organized and moves in a very linear way from the first posters by Jules Cheret in the 1880’s, to the late 1890’s and the 20th century designs of Cappiello (an Italian).
These are images that many of us are familiar with but don’t know much about. At least, I didn’t. I left a lot more knowledgable and with some new creative ideas of my own.

Don’t miss the opportunity to make your own poster at the end of the exhibit and before you exit via the wonderful gift shop.

Dallas Museum of Art
Chilton Gallery II and Focus Gallery 1
Now through January 20, 2013
Parisian poster


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