Travel tip – photography

I’m a new photographer – still learning what works, what doesn’t, what I love, what I don’t. I use a Nikon D5000 and for an entry-level lightweight camera it works great. The kit lens is nothing special but again it works great for what it is. Now that I’m gaining experience however, I covet different lenses. Bigger glass, faster, and alas, more expensive.

One way I’ve found to deal with the expense factor is to rent lenses. If it’s a long term rental a cost effective way is one of the online rental places. I recently rented a lens that would have cost $1,600.00 to purchase new, for 3 weeks including shipping, and it cost me $200.00 Renting lenses is a great way to test a lens and decide if you want to make the investment.
So far I can say renting lenses has been a great experience. Check if this interests you. I found the guys there super helpful. I even changed the details of my order a couple of times and they were really patient.
And no I did not receive payment or compensation in any form from
I know there’s another rental place called I have heard good things about them but never rented from them.


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