Photography – lenses

In my last travel/photography tip I wrote about lens rentals. Back now from my travels I want to say a bit more about that.

I am still learning how to use my tools and what works best for “my style.” Lenses as anyone interested in photography knows, are expensive! In order to have the opportunity to try new lenses I’ve been renting them. For my most recent trip to Europe I rented a 17 – 55mm f2.8 lens from I have rented lenses locally of course but for long term rental and traveling this on line rental house is the way to go. Your shipping and return are included in the price. You have the option to purchase additional insurance depending on the lens you rent. All the extras, hoods, filters, bags and pouches come with the rental. They answer the phone and answer questions too! Amazing! They also offer used equipment for sale and bases on the excellent condition this lens was in I’d buy it in a minute, if it was the lens I really wanted. And so the beauty of lens rental, you have the possibility to work with expensive lenses you can’t afford to buy in that moment and you get to “try out” a lens you are thinking of purchasing. Two thumbs up!


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