Venice In Solitude

I love photography and in high school I took Photography 101 as an elective. My life took a different course however, instead of becoming a professional photographer I became a professional makeup artist.  I work with photographers and I get to be part of a team  creating images. Now 15 years later, I can look back and say I have really enjoyed my career as a makeup and hair artist and I plan to continue to do so.  However, I still want to learn this photography thing before I die!  Lucky me, I have many friends who are professionals and they are happy to share their experience with me. Of course I have to listen to the same information delivered several times before it really sinks in.

In my perfect world one of the things I’d do is travel to photo exhibitions. If you love great travel photography, you’ll enjoy these beautiful and mystical photographs of Venice. I wish I could say I took them but, I didn’t. So I can’t post a photo. All I can do is share some links. I hope you will be as inspired by these magical images of Venice as I am.

Thank you Christopher Thomas for your brilliant work.


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