Summer Travel One Carry-on

In last weeks post, Summer Travel Style, I showed you four different looks that travel light and will easily fit in your carry-on bag. The first look was very layered with khaki pants and jacket, over a white tank and sweater, all accessorized with a colorful scarf and  hat. Layering is perfect for days spent in transit. You can remove pieces as needed and they are lightweight enough to simply go into your hand bag. Here’s another look at that first outfit.

What you can’t see in the first photograph, is the cute ivory sweater under the jacket. I always carry a similar sweater with me no matter where I go. It’s perfect over a tank top or strapless dress when you need a bit more coverage, and practical when you go from a warm outdoor location, to indoor air-conditioning. Even if you are going to the beach, take it with you. I frequently travel to California where the evenings can be quite chilly. If you’re near the coast or in the mountains, the temperature can drop 10 degrees or more in the evening. Honestly, I wear this sweater more than anything else in my wardrobe, traveling or not.

So there you have it for this week all in one carry-on. More travel style to follow.
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2 thoughts on “Summer Travel One Carry-on

  1. Traveling light and in fashionable style. Beautiful post. My wife and I are shopping for our Summer Florida get-up just today. I’m not much of a shopping fan but I would say we did have fun today. And yes, my son has to shop for his Legos too. Shopping can be infectious right? Thanks….

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